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About Lanelle Martin

Do What You Say You Will Do ~ pronounced "DWIZZYWID" by Lanelle is a term she adapted in line with a value taught by her parents to "keep your commitments". As the youngest of 5 sisters and a brother born 2 years after; strong family values of sharing, caring, contributing, honesty, taking responsibility, being fair, and getting along were all necessary to have a large and harmoniuos household. In order for that to work, your "word" was a very important part of the equation. Uncompromising integrity was the only acceptable mode of communication in her childhood home and it is still that way in her home today. Lanelle is passionate about the "truth" and sometimes to a fault, however, she will not waiver on it. 

Transparency and honesty has been a valuable trait for Lanelle in the world of mortgages and has lead to a sustainable mortgage business fueled by word-of-mouth referrals for Lanelle's 14+ years in the business. Growing up on the islands of Hawaii had instilled the "Aloha Spirit" within Lanelle. This all encompassing word to describe a warm, sweet spirit of helping others describes who Lanelle is and who she has become as a leader, business person, parent, wife, friend, sibling, and "Aunty" of 18 nieces and nephews born to her siblings and their families. You can find Lanelle and her husband of 15 years along with their two fun, charming, and active little boys ages 8 and 9- on the warm, sunny beaches of Hawaii every Winter and Summer since her children were born and before then. This is crucial for her family's recharging so they can be present for those who need them.

Lanelle talents, time, and resources are given generously to those in need...and given from her heart. She is a problem solver by nature and has a knack for communicating and educating along the way. She is resourceful to help her clients reach their goals. Lanelle has a passion for helping others and is highly talented at what she does, which helps her fulfill her Mission: "To Positively Impact the Lives of Those I Have The Honor to Come into Contact With."

Please call or visit Lanelle at her office in Kirkland!

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